Technology of 2012-2040 – What Can We Expect? – You’ll Be Amazed

Why are their so many tech geeks seen on Google+?
Simply because the exponential growth of Technology excites us all. Think about how much we have progressed in the last decade alone, and then think about what the next few decades will be like for us all? We will not accomplish the same magnitude of technological growth in the coming decade as we have in the past decade. Instead the progress over the coming ten years will be exponentially more than the last ten years. With the current growth trends, Google+ also will see tremendous growth if they continue to innovate. This is what we may have to look forward to over the coming 30 years or so. Most of this information is based off of mathematical equations as well as estimates from many of today’s great scientific minds, while other dates are provided by scheduled timelines.

The Year 2012
Completion of the International Space Station – The largest man made structure to ever enter orbit. Weight is 345,000 kg, and it will be approximately 110 meters wide.
The Mars Science Laboratory Lands on Mars – This will be the first time a video camera is brought to another planet, as well as the first 3D camera.
Windows 8 is Released
■Google+ Passes Twitter in Member Accounts – With an estimated 290 million Users Google+ ranks 2nd only to Facebook for social networks, in terms of user totals.

The Year 2013
Gaia Mission Launched – Will map out over 1 billion stars in a 5 year period from 2013-2018.
4G Becomes Standard – The wireless standard will be used for all smartphones and wireless devices. Offers bandwidth of 100 mbps for mobile devices and 1 gbps for stationary reception
■Products Using Memristor Technology Are Available – Computer memory will work on the atomic level instead of the conventional on/off switch level.
■14 Nanometer Chip are Mass Produced – Currently chip sizes are mass-produced at around 24 nms.

The Year 2014
Internet Will Outreach Televisions in the US – As internet and TV converge on each other, there will be more internet users than Traditional television viewers.
■Robotic Mules Work for the Military – These robotic mules will be able to traverse terrain that normal vehicles could not, allowing soldiers to carry equipment to remote areas
■Playstation 4 Launched by Sony – Will compete with the Xbox 720, and Onlive for video game dominance.
■Hadron Collider Reaches Max Operating Power – Currently it’s operating at 50% power until 2014.

The Year 2015
Masdar City Completes First Phase – The city being constructed in the United Arab Emirates will be the first zero-waste, zero-carbon city. Cost $22 billion.
Scientists Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth – Extinct for 5,000 years, new technologies will allow cloning of the DNA of the Wooly Mammoth.
Lunar Tourism Emerges – A company called Space Adventures will sell the first tickets to the moon, or at least within 100 miles from the moon. Cost: $150 million per person
■The New Horizons Pluto Probe Arrives on Pluto – Will transmit pictures back from the icy planet, 4 billion km away.
Google+ Eclipses Facebook in Total Users – With nearly 1.2 billion users, if current trends continue, Google+ eclipses the total member base of Facebook, making it the Worlds largest social network.

The Year 2016
■The Worlds First Space Hotel – A Russian space group called Energiya launches the world’s first space hotel, in a partnership with US firm, Orbital Technologies.
■Holographic Versatile Discs or HVDS Replace Blu-Rays – It’s possible that solid state memory may make this technology useless, even though each disk will hold as much data as 200 DVDs.

The Year 2017
■Teleportation of Molecules Made Possible – Scientists already are able to teleport single atoms and light. Next up are simple molecules.

The Year 2018
■Scientists are Able to Drill Into The Earths Mantle – What many people thought of as science fiction years ago, will be made possible due to technological advances. Little is known about the mantle.
■Computers Break the Exaflop Barrier – That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations per second.
Everyday Appliances, Cars, and other Items Connected to Internet – via RFID chips the size of a grain of sand, all your appliances and everyday items will be able to communicate with the internet.
■Devices With 100Gbit/s Transfer Rates Emerge – Light Peak technology will take over USB 3.0, and provide upwards of 100gbit/s transfer rates.
Spinal Cord Injuries No Longer a Problem – Through stem cell research, any acute spinal cord injury will be able to be treated and cured. The method is already done in mice.
■The ITER Fusion Reactor Switched On – At a cost of $20 billion the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor has been in the works for quite a while. Success of this project would mean an almost infinite amount of clean power for the world.

The Year 2020
5 Billion Internet Users World Wide – Over 5 billion people will have access to the internet.
Brain Machine Interface Technology Makes Texting Easy – You will be able to text message simply by thinking. Other Brain Tech interface technologies will also take off.
■Holographic Television Becomes Mainstream – Scientists have already found ways to make this technology possible. The only problems have been the long refresh rates.
■Traditional Microchips Reach Their Smallest Size Possible – Traditional microchips will give way to new technologies as they reach nearly the size of an atom, 4nm. In order for Moore’s Law to continue, new technologies will need to come about.
■Stem Cell Organ Manufacturing – No longer will there be a need for organ donations. Through the use of stem cells, scientists will be able to grow your own organs for you.

The Years 2022 -2025

■Nanotech Clothing and Carpet is Mainstream – Self cleaning carpets, as well as completely waterproof clothing is made possible by nano technology
■Deafness is Curable and Teeth Can be Regenerated – Stem cells will be able to regenerate teeth, as well as cure those who can not hear.
■SD Cards With 1 Petabyte of Data – Forget those 64 GB cards, even the thought of 1 TB cards. 1 Petabyte CD cards are now available.
■Medical Nanobots Emerge – tiny robotic particles will be able to possible cure diseases like cancer.
■Vertical Farming Becomes Mainstream – Skyscrapers filled with vegetation will be the norm, helping alleviate world food shortages.
■Human Brain Simulating Computers Emerge – Because of the exponential growth of computer power, we now have computers capable to simulating a human brain. The First step towards Cyborgs.
■Immortality Coming Close to Reality – The worlds first 10-year-old mouse is created, and as technology progresses we may be able to extend the average human life by an additional year or more for each year of additional research.

The Years 2026-2030

■Wireless Electricity is Mainstream -All electronics will have an antenna and get their power from a single electrical node in the center of one’s home.
■Limb Regrowth Possible – Scientists will find a way to By switch off a particular gene called P21, meaning that adult mammalian cells can be induced to behave like regenerative embryonic stem cells.
■Human Like AI Is a Reality – Artificial intelligence that mimics that of man is now available. The next phase is singularity where super intelligence emerges in the coming years.

The Years 2031-2040
■TeraBit Internet Speeds Emerge – Think 100 mbits/s is fast?
■Weather Forecasts become 99.9% accurate – Hurricane prediction as well as every day weather will be nearly perfected with the Zetaflops of computer power now available.
■Exabyte Storage is Now Available – This may seem like too much storage to even be needed, but AI, and other new technologies will need this space.
■First Man on Mars – Finally a Man will step foot on the red planet.
■Internet 4.0 Emerges – Many, many devices, and every day tools and appliances will make the Internet a much more complex environment.
Quantum Computing Is Available – These computers will revolutionize future technology
Alzheimer’s Disease is Now Curable – After reverse engineering the human brain, scientists are now able to cure Alzheimer’s.
■Teleportation of DNA Made Possible – Advances in the field will allow complex Molecules of DNA to be teleported over a distance.

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