MIT OCW – Information and Communication Technology in Africa


O Open Course Ware do MIT, disponibiliza a disciplina Information and Communication Technology in África que é ministrada pelo Professor Shigeru Miyagawa.

Durante o curso os alunos desenvolveram um conjunto de trabalhos que podem ser consultados on line. Os temas são variados e constituem aspectos importantes que estão a marcar a agenda relativamente à área das TIC em África.

Um bom recurso.

Assignment 1 – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Case Studies (PDF)

  • “Voxiva” by Mark Scott (PDF)
  • “Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Private Ltd.” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)
  • “Grameenphone” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)
  • “Vodacom Community Services” by Angelica Weiner (PDF)

Assignment 2 – Project Proposal (PDF)

  • “Nigeria’s Need for ICT” by Timan Goshit (PDF)
  • “The Need for Sex Education for Women” by Ana Lorena Ramos Maltés (PDF)
  • “Malaria Prevention” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)
  • “A Partnership Between MIT and Computer Aid International” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)
  • “ICT Solutions for Agriculture” by Saba Gul (PDF)
  • “The Production and Distribution of Landmine and Unexploded Ordinance Awareness Software” by Mark Scott (PDF)

Final Project – Policy Document (PDF)

  • “Privatization for Development” by Valery Brobbey (PDF)
  • “Technology and Policy in Africa” by Timan Goshit (PDF)
  • “ICT Solutions for Agriculture” by Saba Gul (PDF)
  • “Policy for the Introduction of the $100 Laptop into Schools in Zambia” by Mark Scott (PDF)
  • “Integrating ICT in Zambian High Schools” by Ashenafi Befekadu (PDF)
  • “Technology Initiatives to Aid Agricultural Productivity in Zambia” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)
  • “Policy for an increase in Internet usage in Zambia” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)
  • “Women and ICT in Zambia” by Ana Lorena Ramos Maltés (PDF)
  • “Improving Computer Literacy through Training Programs” by Angelica Weiner (PDF)


Bobbili, Raja, and Shigeru Miyagawa. SP.259 Information and Communication Technology in Africa,Spring 2006. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 09 Jan, 2013). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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